Can Your Oriental Rug Cleaning Service Fix My Discolored Fringe?

Over time, your Oriental rug’s fringe may lose some of its color through collecting residue and dirt. As the foremost Oriental rug cleaning experts in Austin, we’re often asked if it’s possible to restore the fringe through our cleaning processes to give it back its original coloring and appeal.

The good news is, in many cases, it is possible restore a brighter appearance to fringe that is discolored. Although regular bleach is harmful to delicate fringe, we have special products that safely restore fringe beauty for minor discoloration. Our hand-washing methods and material-safe products will make sure that fringe restoration coincides with rug preservation. Even if the fringe needs special attention, it’s important to consider the rug as a whole through the entire cleaning process!

Occasionally, the fringe may be too worn or discolored to make a noticeable improvement. Once we see the condition of the fringe, we can make a better determination. Call us today to discuss our services and find out more about what we can do for you at (512) 327-1900.