The Common Risks That Come With Cleaning Your Rug in Your Home.

As the premiere fine rug cleaning service in Austin, we’re asked many questions by curious clients. Clients often ask for tips on caring for their carpets on their own in between deeper cleanings by professionals. One question we’re often asked is “Can my rug be cleaned in my house?” Clients want to know if they have to take their rug outside to clean it. Unlike many question we’re asked, which depend on the situation, this one has a single answer. No, rugs should never be cleaned in your home!

Why does your rug need to be cleaned outside your home? Well, with fine rugs, the dry residue or spills must be cleaned away first. Even a rug that has been vacuumed and appears clean can hold pounds of dirt and debris. With thorough dirt removal, the dust mites, allergens and other contaminants can be dislodged, but this process alone is far too invasive and dusty to attempt in your home.

In addition to spreading dust and allergens, you risk water damage cleaning in your home! Most rugs are on wood floors and those would be damaged by the wet cleaning process. Cleaning in your home while trying to avoid leaving residue or soaking your floors would basically mean that only the top of the rug would get “cleaned,” so it would just be a surface cleaning at best. A properly cleaned rug could also not be thoroughly dried in a home setting before mold germinates. Basically, cleaning your rug inside your home is asking for way more trouble (and more of a mess!) than doing it properly.

So when you’re ready for a thorough clean of your rug, don’t try to do it in your home. Call your local fine rug experts to get the job done right! Call at 512-327-1900 for answers to your questions and to schedule your rug cleaning today!