How Does The Austin Rug Cleaner Deal With Stains on Oriental Rugs?

Lots of issues can bring you around to looking for an Oriental rug cleaner in Austin or beyond. From discoloration issues to just a regular cleaning for maintenance and preservation of your investment. But frequently our clients are hoping that we can remove stains from their Oriental rugs. Is this possible? That depends on a number of factors.

Often, rug professionals can remove odors and many types of stains. However, the type of rug and type of odor or stain will determine if it is possible to remove. Previous cleaning attempts can also “set the stain,” and will play a factor in the potential success of stain removal. 

The best option is to let us take a look at it to assess the situation. Once we know more about the contaminant or stain and the type of rug, we can give you a better assessment. With four decades of experience in Persian and Oriental rug cleaning, we know all the solutions for restoring fine rugs. If we see that your rug’s condition is beyond the help of our Austin rug cleaning service, we will tell you. 

So if you’re struggling with what to do with a stain on your carpet, give us a call at 512-327-1900. Our experts can help you with a thorough and honest assessment of the situation and let you know what we can do for you. Call today!