Using Cactus Silk For Rug Making

Silk from a cactus has a unique sheen and is a vegan product. For rug enthusiasts who want a rug that has a more metallic appearance, this is an excellent choice. It’s shininess creates a stunning and dazzling result that can brighten any room. Because of its pronounced beauty, this type of silk is a good choice for shoppers who want a rug to be the central focus of a room. Natural silk from a silkworm has a similar sheen, which means that cactus silk is easily mistaken for natural silkworm silk. Since the process to weave the fibers is cumbersome and time-consuming, cactus-based silk rugs can cost more than some other alternatives. This type of fiber also has good elasticity, but pet urine can greatly diminish the durability and trademark sheen of these rugs. 

Hire a Professional to Clean Your Cactus Silk Rugs

Cactus silk rugs are not very common and can be difficult to acquire, which make them an even more prized addition to your home!  Please be sure to have them professional cleaned annually to maintain their luster.