Why Buy Bamboo Silk Rugs

This type of silk is a natural fiber. Silk from bamboo gives a rug a silk-like texture when it dries completely. For shoppers who are looking for a cloud-like softness in a silk rug, bamboo is a good choice. Because of its natural composition, bamboo is a breathable material. Rugs made from bamboo silk tend to stay dry easier, which is beneficial in a more humid climate. Two of the characteristics of bamboo that make it so desirable as a form of rug fiber are its anti-microbial abilities and its durability. Bamboo is known for lasting a long time, and it naturally repels bacteria. Additionally, it is a popular choice among people who need hypoallergenic products.

Bamboo silk is delicate – rug owners should always hire a professional cleaning company!

It is not however recommended for pet owners as it is unforgiving of canine and feline urine staining and bleaching, as well as texture distortion.  Always have your Bamboo silk rugs professionally cleaned.