Austin’s Only Rug Cleaning Specialist

Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning in Austin is done pretty much the same way by everyone but Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning.

Cleaning rugs by hand, one at a time is not the easiest or fastest or cheapest way to clean rugs, but everyone knows it’s the best. It’s safer for your rugs than putting them into a “rug cleaning machine” that spins, or squeezes your rugs leaving them with a funny texture, or colors that run or bleed. A rug cleaning machine can’t tell if a rug feels rough or sees colors going where they don’t belong. A human’s hands and eyes can do these things. That’s why I personally hand wash (as many times as needed) every rug. Every time.

Rug cleaning machines are time saving devices. In fact, the company that makes them doesn’t even call them rug cleaning machines. they actually call them “time saving devices.” That really doesn’t benefit you as much as it does the person taking your money and turning on the rug cleaning machine.

Some companies will tell you they hand wash your rugs, but you don’t need to look any farther than their web page to see the automated rug washing equipment. They will use those on your rug. Why else would they have them?
To be fair, every other rug cleaning company in town is a carpet cleaning company that happens to clean rugs as well as tile, furniture, etc. In fact, they often use some of that equipment to clean rugs.
You can claim to be a rug cleaning specialist, but if you do anything but clean rugs, that is not the case.
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