How Hand Cleaning Rugs Avoids Cross Contamination.

If you’re trying to narrow down your choices for an Oriental rug cleaner in Austin, there are a number of factors to consider. Perhaps one that people don’t often think of is that there are valuable hygienic benefits to hand-washing rugs, something that Aegis excels at!

Most carpet cleaners will put rugs into machines and clean multiple rugs at a time. We do not use automated machines. In our professional rug cleaning facility, each rug is hand-cleaned, individually. Because they’re cleaned individually, your rug is not placed on or under another client’s rug and cleaned with the same liquids or equipment simultaneously, thereby avoiding cross-contamination with rugs from other households. You can be assured that your rug is going to be cleaned and the dirt and potential allergens removed without taking in anything from anyone else’s rugs.

When it comes to hand-washing, we are second to none! Our full service Oriental rug cleaning will make you a client for life. Call us today at 512-327-1900!