Care for Your Fine Rug and it Will Last for Decades

One of the benefits of being the premiere fine rug cleaning company in Austin is getting to discuss with our clients their beautiful rugs. Each rug has a story involved in its purchase, and often these items are heirlooms meant to be passed down in the family. We’re always pleased to help our clients to learn more about their rugs and to know the differences between Oriental rugs and Persian rugs.

One thing which is universal between Oriental and Persian rugs is their legendary durability. One of the oldest rugs in existence is a Persian rug that is over 2,500 years old! This is, of course, not to say that they are lay-and-forget items that don’t need to be cared for once purchased and positioned. But these hand-woven rugs were made by techniques handed down over the centuries and are made to last.

Although both types of rugs are created to be durable enough to withstand foot traffic and support heavy furniture, they do require proper care. Since they are created using dyed materials, they should not be placed in direct sunlight constantly. It helps to rotate large rugs periodically. When natural wear is uneven, a rug will look more unattractive if it is not rotated.

Additionally, proper dry soil removal and hand washing every 12-24 months is critical to extend the longevity of your fine rugs. It is important to keep your rugs clean to keep them in great condition! And when your rugs need cleaning, get them cleaned with the best. Our cleaning services skip on the harmful machine washing and chemical processes and instead clean each rug by hand! Ready for a cleaning? Call today at 512-327-1900!