The Advantages of Owning a Wool Rug

Advantages of a Wool Rug

Standard wool area rugs are not only beautiful, but they are long-lasting if you take care of them. Wool is naturally fire-retardant, and it also has a natural resistance to things like soil and stains. This means that they can be fairly easy to maintain.

Hand-woven wool rugs can be expensive, but their incredible craftsmanship and beautiful designs make them worth every penny. They come in a large variety of sizes and designs. Neutral colors can balance out bright rooms, and vibrant designs can make a rug stand out in beige or gray rooms. They also come in a large variety of pile heights with low to medium pile being the most common. They’re made from soft spun wool, and their coil-shaped fibers mean they can handle heavy foot traffic for long periods.

Wool carpets can also have practical applications. They can trap pockets of warm air within their fibers, which keep your house warmer in the same way that a woolen sweater keeps you warm. They can be absorbent however, so keep them away from rooms with a lot of water. Most quality woolen rugs are hand-woven, but you can find some acceptable machine-made options if you know where to look. According to many experts, the finest wool for floor coverings comes from New Zealand, but traditional Middle Eastern and Asian wool is also highly coveted.

If you have a wool rug, don’t try to DIY the cleaning process! Call the experts at Aegis to clean your rug properly to preserve it for years to come!