5 Signs on How to Identify an Authentic Oriental Rug

5 signs how to identify an authentic oriental rug

An authentic oriental rug is a prized possession for many people. The history of these rugs paired with their timeless beauty and perfected designs, add wonderful character to a home. The hand-knotted structure and unique designs have had people vying for these rugs for years. With that love for these intricate rugs, unfortunately, comes fakes. If you’re wondering how to identify an authentic oriental rug, we have what you need to know.

How to Identify an Authentic Oriental Rug

Gentleman’s Gazette puts it simply: an authentic oriental rug should be “tightly woven (with more than 200 knots per SQ. in., and often with 500 or more knots), intricately detailed, closely clipped, and it should have real silk fringe.” We’ll delve more into this simple run down with the five different signs of a real rug.

Check the Back

You can tell if the rug is authentic or not if the back has a design as intricate, yet imperfect, as the front. Authentic rugs are woven by hand, so they are bound to have various imperfections, especially on the back. Machine-made rugs will have a kind of mesh that covers the underside of the rug, which is a clear indicator it’s not real. You definitely want to check out the back of the rug before purchasing.

Investigate the Fringe

Another quick way to tell whether a rug is authentic is to look at the fringe. The fringe on an authentic oriental rug is an extension of the rug itself. Machine-made rugs will often have the fringe glued or sewed on. The fringe on an authentic piece is what holds the rug together, and without that, the rug is not true.

Make Sure It’s Hand-Knotted

If you see anywhere on the rug the words “hand tufted” then you know it’s not hand knotted, so it’s not authentic. Hand tufting doesn’t require skill and only requires a tufting gun that punches a design into a canvas. The hand knotting technique of true oriental rugs is what makes them so remarkable.

Slightly Uneven Pattern

Look closely at the front of the rug. If the pattern is not perfect and the shapes are different sizes on either end, then you’ve found an authentic oriental rug. This unevenness is a sign of authenticity and showcases how it was created by a human and not a machine. This is a bit more difficult to sight, but it can help determine whether the rug was hand-crafted.

Price Range

You’ll never really get an authentic oriental rug for a steal. These rugs demand an enormous amount of time and skill, and therefore, a hand-knotted rug will be costly. If you find a rug that’s cheap, double check if it’s made from synthetic material, made with unstable dyes, or hand-tufted.

Once you’ve found the perfect oriental rug, be sure it’s cleaned often. Aegis is an oriental rug cleaning company in Austin, Texas that prides itself on the proper maintenance and care of these beautiful rugs.