5 Elegant Reasons to Get a Colorful Rug

Five elegant reasons to get a colorful rug

More often than not, a rug is the foundation of a room. They provide a focal point and set the tone of the space, determining whether the furniture suits the space and the color palette as well. The style, color, and pattern of your rug can be aspects that make or break your design space. As such, one of the best ways to decorate your room is to include a colorful rug. Discover several reasons to get a colorful rug.

They provide an easy color scheme

One of the most basic reasons to get a colorful rug is the fact that they provide you with a ready-to-go color scheme. If you’re someone who struggles to determine which color goes with what, pick out your favorite fine rug. It will automatically give you colors to play off of. Whether you opt for a bold rug with many colors or a striking monochrome rug, you’ll still have colors to match with other decorations or furniture.

Rugs bring class

We love colorful rugs because they instantly make a room appear classy. Think about it—an empty floor makes the room not only seem bare, but unrefined. Simply adding a rug can elevate your space to something more cultured and elegant. Especially when you don’t necessarily want to purchase new furniture, a new rug can give a room a new texture and style. If you aren’t starting from scratch, choose a rug with colors that match other pieces in the room.

They anchor the room

Without a rug, you risk the chance of all the other pieces in the room feeling disjointed, rather than working together to yield a comfortable space. Rugs, colorful or not, make a room look and feel cohesive. Aim for a rug that’s big enough to fit under the front legs of the furniture; however, if it’s too small, center the rug under a coffee table.

Colorful rugs add warmth

In general, rugs make a room feel more comfortable. But a colorful rug can add even more warmth than their neutral counterparts. If you have rooms with solid-surface floors, a bright rug will provide a comfortable relief and create a welcoming environment. When it comes to fine rugs, their history adds to the aura, which adds a lovely depth to your room.

They’re works of art

Finally, colorful rugs are works of art. It takes true talent and a lot of time to create Oriental and Persian rugs—you’ll find many people carefully hang them on the wall as an art piece. Bringing color and graphical elements into a room, these rugs create a dynamic gathering space.

In general, colorful rugs bring an effortless style and warmth to any room. It’s essential to take care of these rugs properly, which means cleaning and taking care of them to maintain their colors and tones. Turn to Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning for all of your professional rug cleaning needs in Austin. We’ll keep those colorful rugs full of their history and class!