Lyocell Rugs

December 2nd, 2021|Comments Off on Lyocell Rugs

What Makes Lyocell Rugs Special? This material is a form of rayon made from reconstituted pulp. It easily absorbs liquid and releases it quickly into the atmosphere. At the same time, it is resistant to

What is Modal Silk?

November 29th, 2021|Comments Off on What is Modal Silk?

Modal Silk Rugs Vs. Natural Silk Rugs This is an unusual material when it comes to fine rugs. It looks nearly identical to silk with its beauty, texture and luster. However, it is significantly less

Why Buy A Tencel Rug?

November 18th, 2021|Comments Off on Why Buy A Tencel Rug?

What is Tencel? This trademarked material is a good choice for people who want a no-fuss rug. It is considered a top-performing cellulose fiber floor-covering. Carpets and rugs made from this material can easily be

What Are The Benefits Of A Viscose Rug?

November 11th, 2021|Comments Off on What Are The Benefits Of A Viscose Rug?

Viscose Rugs For Versatility This material is versatile enough that it can mimic linen, silk, wool or cotton in texture. Viscose rugs that imitate silk are smooth and soft. They tend to absorb liquids easily.

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