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Why Are Viscose Rugs Unique?

If you own a Viscose rug, you know their unique softness textures can be a wonderful addition to your home. To keep them like new, they require an experienced hand when it comes to cleaning. Unlike most rugs, a simple vacuum or spot clean with over-the-counter products will not give good results. In order to maintain a Viscose rug’s beautiful colors, texture and life-span, it’s important that you enlist the help of a professional rug cleaner who has extensive knowledge to address accidental messes and regular upkeep for delicate materials. With the professional expertise of Austin Rug cleaners, you can ensure that your investment is protected for years to come.

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The Best Viscose Rug Cleaning Services in Austin, TX

Viscose rugs are hard to clean because they are made from a blend of wood pulp, cotton byproducts and other materials that makeup a synthetic fiber. While the fiber is very soft and appears silky, it has its own unique problems for cleaning and maintenance. We recommend that these rugs be placed in low traffic areas to reduce shedding & stains.

Why Are Viscose Rugs Hard To Clean?

  1. Viscose rugs can shed. Since viscose fibers are so weak, normal, everyday traffic can break the fibers and leave the rug looking as though it’s been clawed by a cat.
  2. Viscose fibers don’t hold dye well. They tend to bleed if you get them wet, making spills hard to clean.
  3. Viscose rugs become yellow with moisture. It’s important that your rug cleaner use proper chemistry and get the rug dry as quickly as possible to minimize this.
  4. Viscose rugs can become matted and stiff after they’ve gotten wet. This can be from an improper cleaning process or from spills in the home.

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At Austin Rug Cleaners, our experts have extensive experience with every rug on the market. We use special non-commercial formulas, mixing the right chemistry to ensure your Viscose rug doesn’t become yellow, bleed dye, or become brittle. Special brushes and hand-grooming help to soften the rug and raise the nap after cleaning to keep your silky soft rug at its best.

We want every rug owner to be informed to get the most out of their rugs, whether they’re the center of a family room or a statement piece in an office. When you’re ready to get your Viscose rug cleaned, our team will come pick it up, give it the attention it deserves, and return it looking like new.

“Tim & his crew were professional, friendly, and did a fantastic job of cleaning my client’s high-end area rugs. They took the stress out of finding the right company who knew how to treat such rugs with care. Highly recommend Aegis Fine Rug cleaning if you need the best!”

Tiffany H.

“With Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, you truly do get what you pay for. This is serious old-school service. Tim and his crew are on time, friendly, and they treat your home as if it were their own. Rugs are carefully and meticulously cleaned by hand and brought back to life. I wouldn’t trust my nice rugs with anyone else.”

James W.

“The rugs looked and felt like new after 37 years of use! What an amazing job to bring the rugs back to life! I just wanted to roll around on the carpets! Tim runs a smooth operation and the precision of Orion is a pleasure to behold! A 5+ Rating for both quality of work and personal expertise! Thanks for a job well done!”

Dianne C.

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