Why Bijar Rugs Are So Popular

Bijar rugs are also quite popular and portray a rich cultural history with fantastic artistic touches entrenched in their crafting. Combining a venerable heritage with alluring design, Bijars are loved by many for many reasons.

The Bijar rug gets its name from the Bijar marketplace center located in northwestern Iran. The area is known for its grand antique rugs, and Bijar lies at the very center of the weaving region with a rich history in crafting some of the finest wool rugs. Bijar weaving techniques follow the Turkish fashion of using wefts and symmetrical knots. Weavers impeccably place each knot, creating a certain level of subtle artistry all rugs strive for but few manage to attain.

Bijuar Rugs Are Known For Their Beautiful Designs

Bijar rug designs typically include a large repeating pattern of blooming vines, ribbons, and arabesques across the center in a contrasting color to the field. The end result is an aesthetic that invokes the deep richness of the rug’s colors while displaying the patterns and designs in all of their creative glory. The colors vary from rug to rug, but many Bijar rugs tend to feature sapphire or deep blue fields. They also showcase a wide variety of green, yellow, orange, and deep red hues.

In addition to their fine quality, one of our favorite things about Bijar rugs is the range of sizes they come in. Unlike some rug weavers who limit the size of the creations they make, Bijar rug makers aren’t afraid to push the size envelope. In fact, Bijars range in size from 3 x 5 feet up to 12 x 18 feet and above. This makes them a versatile choice able to adorn almost any space in any home.

Bijar Rug Cleaning

Undoubtedly, their exceptional artistry, craftsmanship, and material is what makes a Bijar rug world renowned. In addition to their bold, intricate designs, these rugs feature premium wool work that exemplifies quality in every regard. Of course, like many Persian and Oriental rugs, cotton warps and wefts provide the perfect foundation. Though these rugs are skillfully crafted, when the time comes to have them cleaned, cleaning should only be performed by a certified professional. This is because the delicate fibers used to craft these rugs can be easily damaged by washing machines and your general cleaning detergents. At Aegis, we specialize in fine rug cleaning and are trained to get handwoven rugs cleaned safely and effectively!