Price Shopping for the Cheapest Rug Cleaning


When it comes time to get your rugs cleaned it’s usually past time to do it. Remember wool rugs shouldn’t go more than two years between washings and more often if pets are inside your home. Proper rug cleaning extends the life of your rugs.

The time comes, so you do some research and begin calling rug cleaners in Austin. You don’t really know what to ask, so the only thing you can think of is price.

Price is important, but it’s important to remember there are other, more important things you may not even know to ask. Is your rug worth cleaning? Most synthetic rugs Polyester shags, Olefin and its pseudonym, Polypropylene is easily replaced for less than the cost of proper washing. Just buy a new one or two. A machine-made them in about 5 minutes and they are considered “disposable” in the industry. The same applies to “Viscose” rugs. None of these hold up as well as wool over time.

Rug cleaning is an art and science, but it is also a service. Everything to make your rug healthy and beautiful again should be included in the price. When a carpet cleaner or rug store quote a low price then starts to add charges for pick up and delivery of treatments that should be included, such as pet treatments, allergen treatments, fiber protection, wool conditioning, deodorizing, etc., it makes the cost far exceed what you were originally told. You didn’t even know a quality rug needs those specialty rug treatments, but they do. We include them all.

It’s almost like a bait and switch business model. It’s also why 96% of first time clients have us clean more rugs for them. The industry average is 15%. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples when shopping for a rug cleaner in Austin.

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