Are There Differences in Patterns Between Oriental and Persian Rugs?

Individuals who have invested in Oriental rugs in the Austin area frequently turn to us not just for cleaning, but for general tidbits about their investments. Hand-woven rugs have many unique properties which individuals value, but that may escape the notice of some. We hope to help people better understand their investment and to be able to speak confidently about their beautiful rugs.

Often, people wonder if there is a difference in terms of patterns between Oriental and Persian rugs. Oriental and Persian rugs are similar in many respects, but they can be distinguished by their patterns in the following ways.

A Persian rug usually has a central medallion or a compartment design. It may also be a one-sided pattern or an all-over pattern. Persian patterns tend to focus more on shapes and embellishments than Oriental rug designs.

Although Oriental designs may appear similar at first glance, they are somewhat different. They may have a similar placement for pattern style, but the subject matter tends to be a body of water, an animal or a plant. These rugs also typically focus on curved lines over more rigid geometric shapes. Additionally, Oriental patterns tend to have more contrasting colors. Some may even be designed to create a three-dimensional effect through the use of this contrast.

If you like the exotic and old-world styles of the Middle East, a Persian rug will likely suit your taste. However, if you prefer a more striking look that has a theme or a 3D effect, you may prefer a new Oriental rug! As always, the choice of your rug depends on your tastes.

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