Preserving a Chinese rug is important to maintain its beauty and help it retain its value. The rugs are made well and designed to last a long time if they are properly cared for.

Today, we still see many Peking rugs which were popular after World War I! It is also called Beijing style today. Peking rugs became one of the most iconic symbols of Chinese culture in their earlier days. A common type features a central medallion on a covered field or an open field with stylized symbols and motifs. Vases, clouds, animals, and flowers are common to see. The borders are wider and simpler, and some designs include royal blue as the main color.

Carpet Cleaners Vs Rug Cleaners

A professional rug cleaning company can tell you how about your specific rug, and will also know how to clean it safely. Never let a carpet cleaner attempt to clean your rugs, they are not properly equipped to perform such a delicate task and could cause permanent damage to your fine rug.