Telltale Signs of a Fake Rug

Looking for tips from the best Oriental rug cleaning company in Austin? We’ve got you covered. We can help you with a variety of topics, including how to spot a fake rug!

Only hand-knotted rugs are considered authentic Oriental or Persian rugs. Since rugs have not been imported from Iran for decades, you can usually identify a fake Persian rug if it is advertised as new and genuine. Another important attribute of both types of rugs is that their fringes are woven and not sewn. If you look on the bottom side of the rug and see that the fringes are sewn on, it is a fake rug. 

Both types are often sheep’s wool rugs. Some may also be made from camel hair, pure silk or fine cotton. If you see a tag that specifies another material, it is a fake rug. Also, a fake rug often has a synthetic backing on the bottom side. When you shop online, a rug store that offers multiple quantities of a specific product is usually selling machine-created rugs. If you can choose the same rug in multiple sizes as well, that is another sign of a machine-created product.

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