Preserving Your Oriental & Persian Rugs

Oriental and Persian rugs are beautiful, unique, and cherished all around the world for their unsurpassed hand-woven craftsmanship. In the wonderful world of rugs, they’re simply the best of the best.

Dating back thousands of years, nomadic tribes and villages across Persia and western Asia have been creating the finest rugs in all the world. Persian and Oriental rugs are the perfect embodiment of beauty and sophistication. Surprisingly, for some first-time owners, they’re also incredibly durable. While fine luxury rugs are admittedly not cheap, they can be a sound investment when properly cared for.

In fact, high-quality Oriental and Persian rugs can last for centuries with the right knowledge and care, with “care” being the operative phrase. Although they are meticulously woven by hand from the very best materials and skillfully crafted to last, they still need to be cared for properly in order to prolong their lives. For example, avoiding excessive sunlight, dust build up, and anything else capable of diminishing their long-term durability and value.

The Best Oriental & Persian Rug Cleaning in Austin, TX

At Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, we’ve been helping Austin area homeowners care for their fine Persian and Oriental rugs for almost 40 years. With literally decades of experience and an endless portfolio of happy clients, we are the experts regarding proper Persian carpet cleaning and preservation techniques.

Whether it’s a Bokara from Pakistan or a Mehraban from northwestern Iran, we know what it takes to keep your rug looking its best. Contact us today to learn more about what we do and our free pickup and delivery services!