Most people wait too long before having their wool rugs cleaned!

Wool Rug Cleaning

Many people make the common mistake of waiting too long before cleaning their wool rugs. Wool rugs are great at hiding dirt and by the time they are noticeably dirty, damage likely has been done to the rug that cleaning alone may not be able to fix. Damaged fibers in the rug cannot be undone!

Oriental Rug Cleaning

The delicate nature of natural fiber rugs means that you must enlist a professional for proper maintenance to ensure your rugs’ longevity and sustained beauty.  Proper Oriental rug cleaning is essential.  Not only are dirty rugs ugly, but they can also contribute to poor indoor air quality and hygiene. As dirt collects in the rug, it also has an effect on the color and vibrance of the rug. If you forget to regularly clean your rugs, then they will quickly wear out, and your family’s health could suffer. 

Persian Rug Cleaning

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to have your wool rugs cleaned. Bring life back into your rugs and restore the vibrant colors while protecting them from damage by cleaning your rug every 1-2 years.  Your Persian rugs are beautiful, and you want to keep them that way, so you need to reach out to the best rug cleaning service in Travis County today, Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, to improve your indoor air quality and make your rugs as presentable and beautiful as possible.
Tim Petzold of Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning

About The Author: Tim Petzold

Meet Tim Petzold, the Owner and Founder of Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, a trusted and highly-respected fine rug cleaning company in Austin, Texas. Tim has dedicated his entire adult life to building his business and takes pride in its reputation for legendary service. He is a duly certified Rug/Master Textile Cleaner/Restorer who has been in business since 1983. Tim’s goal is to educate and assist people in making informed decisions regarding their Oriental and Persian rugs. His business model is based on providing exceptional service, and he never cuts corners or skips steps to offer a lower price. Welcome to Tim’s blog, where he shares his expertise and insights on fine rug cleaning.