Damage from Heavy Furniture

Damage from Heavy Furniture

How Heavy Furniture Can Damage Rugs

Heavy furniture can leave indentations in your rug. This compresses and mats the fibers. In some instances, this damage may become so severe that the fibers cannot be straightened. Additionally, if your furniture is not properly secured, it can move, and when the furniture on your rug shifts, it can cause the fibers to stretch and distort.

How To Avoid Damage From Heavy Furniture

In order to avoid this type of damage, you can use furniture coasters or rug pads to help add more cushioning to the rug and distribute the weight of the furniture more evenly across the fibers. Never drag furniture on or off of your rug as this can stretch and distort the rug. If you must have heavy furniture on your rug, remember to rotate the rug. This can help distribute the weight of the furniture more evenly and prevent excessive wear and tear in one area of your natural fiber rug.

Hire a Professional

At Austin Rug, our team is familiar with rugs of every shape, size, and material. Whether it’s keeping up to date with cleaning methods for the newest synthetic fibers, or preserving the colors in a 400 year old rug, we take the time and care necessary for your floor coverings to stay in their best condition.

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Tim Petzold of Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning

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