Benefits of Owner-operated Rug Cleaners as Opposed to Franchise Carpet Cleaners

The value of opting for owner-operated fine rug cleaning businesses is clear when comparing these companies to franchises. Regardless of the style, type, or condition of the rugs in your home, everyone can benefit from the professional rug cleaning services we provide. Because rugs become dirty over a period of time, many homeowners don’t notice the subtle changes that are occurring. No matter how well-maintained a rug is, it’s impossible to keep all dust and dirt away from the rug’s fibers.

While you can certainly schedule rug cleaning services with a franchise carpet cleaner, there are many tangible benefits of going with an owner-operated niche rug cleaning business like ours.

Franchise Carpet Cleaners

A franchise is legally obligated to use the types of equipment, chemicals, and techniques that the corporation tells them to use and tells them what services they can or must provide, regardless of their proficiency.

If corporate mandates the use of a specific chemical among all branches, the franchise would need to follow this mandate even if they knew that another chemical or technique was preferable for certain rugs. For instance, the techniques used for silk rug cleaning can differ substantially from the ones used with wool rug cleaning. Since every rug is unique, it should be treated like the one-of-a-kind piece of art that it is.

Fine Oriental Rugs Delicacy

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that cleaning fine Oriental rugs is no different from steam cleaning a wall-to-wall synthetic carpet. This belief oftentimes leads homeowners to come to an incorrect understanding of the cost for a rug cleaning project as well as the required thoroughness of the project. In reality, the inappropriate cleaning agents that are regularly used on synthetic fibers may damage or destroy natural fibers like silk and wool. The delicate nature of these natural fibers means that using the wrong chemicals could result in the rug being irreparably damaged, which wastes your time and money. There go your savings!

Keep in mind that Oriental rug cleaning should also take place away from your home for many reasons, the primary of which include total dry time, being able to properly remove dry soil, and the need for multiple washings.

The Bottom Line

Franchises don’t have the expertise needed to deliver cleaning services that treat each fiber differently. In comparison, our owner-operated niche rug cleaning business knows how to perform the professional rug cleaning required to restore the appearance and quality of your rugs because of the 40 years of fine rug cleaning experience we have here at Aegis.