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Nobody in the Austin area knows more about Afghan rug cleaning that we do.  We’re not a carpet cleaning company, who also does rugs.  We’re not an area rug cleaning company.  Our name says it all –  Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning.  If you’re looking for the best Afghan rug cleaning service in the area, give us a call.  We’ve got the answers you are looking for!

Austin’s Only Premium Full Service Afghan Rug Washing Company

We clean Afghan rugs, by hand, with unmatched experience and care.  We will not put your Afghan rugs in with someone else’s rugs, as it may cross contaminate them. The safest solution is individual rug cleaning.

We do not use automated rug cleaning machines that quickly spray soapy water on the rugs as they run down the conveyor belt. I do not believe that type of cleaning is thorough enough—it’s barely cleaning the rug’s surface, and the machines can potentially tear the rugs.

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Aegis is the only full-service, premium oriental wool rug cleaning company in Austin, TX.

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There’s at least half a dozen things we do differently to clean and repair your rugs.

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What Makes Us Different Than Any Other Rug Cleaner?

  • Rug cleaning is our only business.
  • We’re the only hand-done rug cleaning service in the Austin area.
  • Free rug pickup and delivery!
  • Each and every rug is cleaned individually to avoid cross contamination.
  • Every rug is treated for pet contamination – as it only takes one accident that you may not even be aware of to damage the rug!
  • We DO NOT use automated rug cleaning machines to clean your rugs! (They are far too aggressive for delicate rugs!)
  • Tim, the owner, cleans every single rug himself, personally, with a custom blend of cleaning solutions.
  • We are NOT a franchise!  We are local!
  • We do not use cheap cleaning agents – only the best, safest, and most effective cleansers are used!
  • The price you pay when we pickup your rug for cleaning is our final price.  No surprises!
  • All rugs are wrapped for storage at no extra charge.
  • Our professionalism and service is legendary!  Please research us and compare!
Fine Rug Cleaning

Pet Accidents & Fine Rug Cleaning Remedies

Did your pet have an accident on your prized rug? Don’t worry! Pet accidents are treatable, and in fact, quite common. We have been asked countless times about whether or not we’re able to treat pet contamination. The good news is, yes, we can treat your fine rug and minimize most damage, although we cannot guarantee the results, we are usually successful in our efforts. The bad news is that the process of treating a stain, especially if it’s a stain from a pet accident, is quite complicated. Fine rugs are very delicate, and most home remedies and carpet cleaning companies can cause more harm than good. The only way to treat the stain, and truly ensure that the condition of your rug is preserved, is to have it cleaned by a certified professional. At Aegis, we specialize in fine rug cleaning, and have years of experience working with delicate rugs from all over the world. If your fine rug needs cleaning, and you’d like to learn more about us and our rug cleaning process, give our office a call today!

“Tim & his crew were professional, friendly, and did a fantastic job of cleaning my client’s high-end area rugs. They took the stress out of finding the right company who knew how to treat such rugs with care. Highly recommend Aegis Fine Rug cleaning if you need the best!”

Tiffany H.

“With Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning, you truly do get what you pay for. This is serious old-school service. Tim and his crew are on time, friendly, and they treat your home as if it were their own. Rugs are carefully and meticulously cleaned by hand and brought back to life. I wouldn’t trust my nice rugs with anyone else.”

James W.

“The rugs looked and felt like new after 37 years of use! What an amazing job to bring the rugs back to life! I just wanted to roll around on the carpets! Tim runs a smooth operation and the precision of Orion is a pleasure to behold! A 5+ Rating for both quality of work and personal expertise! Thanks for a job well done!”

Dianne C.

Our Process For Cleaning Afghan Rugs

  1. Aegis is Austin’s only premium, full service rug washing company. We are as close as your front door. You don’t ever have to “lug your rug” when doing business with us. Making you load your rugs into your car or truck to bring them to us is not even an option. We will set up a convenient appointment to come pick up your rugs, at no extra charge.
  2. On our appointment day, I will meet you personally to discuss your rugs. I’ll ask you some questions about them, how they are used, and when they were last cleaned. I will review my notes with you, measure the sizes of the rugs, and discuss delivery times; barring repairs, the process usually takes 7-10 business days from pick up to delivery.
  3. I’ll then take your rugs to my workshop where I will thoroughly remove the dry foreign material from your rugs. Rugs die from the inside out.
  4. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all the dry contaminants prior to starting the washing process. This is one of the reasons why rugs cannot be properly cleaned in your home. Removing dry contaminants is accomplished with a combination of compressed air and harmonic vibration on a “screen” that lets all of the newly dislodged contaminants, that vacuuming can’t remove, fall harmlessly to the floor. Then an industrial vacuum and air scrubber can quickly contain all of that airborne debris. A rug that “looks” clean can still hold dozens of pounds of dry soil, dander, dead skin, dust mites, and grit. These airborne and gravity distributed contaminates are what prematurely wear out your rug, and your nose if you have allergies.
  5. I then test various components of your rug. Color stability, pile direction, construction, and materials to custom blend the perfect environmentally friendly cleansing “cocktail” for your individual rug. Since I am not a franchise owner, I don’t have to use harsh “one size fits all” cleaning products. My 35 plus years of experience and my Master Textile and Rug Certifications are your assurance that your Austin oriental rug is going to be safely and completely washed. I have washed thousands of rugs over the years, this part of the fine rug cleaning process is far too important to trust to an employee. I’m very hands on. It’s my reputation here. I’m the only owner in town that personally washes each and every rug. Again. It’s my reputation. I don’t risk it to anyone else.
  6. Now that I have a plan, I’ll wash each rug individually. I will not put your rugs in with someone else’s rugs, as it may cross contaminate them. The safest solution is individual rug cleaning. I do not use automated rug cleaning machines that quickly spray soapy water on the rugs as they run down the conveyor belt. I do not believe that type of cleaning is thorough enough—it’s barely cleaning the rug’s surface, and the machines can potentially tear the rugs.
  7. Since your fine rugs are not wall to wall carpet, I don’t treat them as such. Therefore, I don’t steam clean your rugs. It is much cheaper and faster, which is why so many lower priced companies do that, but it damages the fibers and dyes of fine rugs.
  8. After the initial rug washing is completed with the customized solutions, your rugs will be gently rinsed and all of the loosened and dissolved soils that have been dislodged will carried away in clear, cool, soft water. This process is usually repeated at least twice and on severely soiled rugs, can be done as many as four times. We wash rugs with people and pet friendly rug cleaning solutions. When the soil has been safely removed and rinsed away, it’s time to dry your rug.
  9. Your rugs will be safely dried, never hung. Every rug is dried horizontally on a cushion of air in a room with very low humidity, thanks to industrial dehumidification equipment. Huge volumes of dry air rush under the foundation of, and across the face of the freshly cleaned rug. I never hang them to dry. I never spin them to dry. I never wring them out to dry. I have seen each of those processes damage rugs, so I will not do that to your rugs just to save some money, time, or space.
  10. When your rug is completely dry, I apply fiber protector, and other treatments depending upon your wishes. Again, I do not charge extra for these treatments.
  11. If you’ve decided to purchase hypoallergenic underlayment for your rug, I’ll custom cut it to perfectly fit your rug. If your rug needed some repair or fringe replacement or removal this will now be completed. Voila—our fine rug cleaning process is complete! I will call you to confirm the delivery of your rug date and time, and I will return your rug to you, your new home, or to your storage facility.
  12. I want you to be happy with every aspect of my service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of rug, the amount of traffic and a few other factors, time estimates can vary. However, a general guideline is every one to two years. If there are frequent spills on the rug, you have pets or there is a large amount of foot traffic across it, a yearly cleaning is optimal.

If there is a lot of foot traffic, you may notice that white specks appear on your rug over time. These are actually white knots. They can also appear after a cleaning or two on some rugs. These knots are places where the rug was tied together on a loom. Since they are important for maintaining the rug’s foundation, they should never be removed. Knots prove that the rug was handmade and add some character to it. Professionals and fine rug connoisseurs often refer to these knots as freckles and encourage rug owners to simply appreciate them for enhancing the uniqueness of a rug.

Often, rug professionals can remove odors and many types of stains. However, the type of rug and type of stain will determine if it is possible to remove.  Previous cleaning attempts can also “set the stain,” and will play a factor in the potential success of stain removal.  Once we know more about the contaminant or stain and the type of rug, we can give you a better assessment. With more than four decades of experience in Persian and Oriental rug cleaning, we know all the solutions for restoring fine rugs. If we see that your rug’s condition is beyond the help of an Austin rug cleaning service, we will tell you.


Afghanistan is a melting pot of Central Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. Nomad tribes in the country quickly picked up the art of rug making from the Persians and made it their own. Today, Afghan textiles are world renowned, and many shawls and blankets are known simply as afghans in the Western world. How did the Afghans get such a reputation for textile weaving? You’ll have to look to the nation’s small-scale rug-making industry for answers.

Hand-knotted Afghan floor covers are some of the most unique Oriental carpets in the world. While some reflect traditional Persian patterns, most of them depict the emotions and history of the tribal rug weavers who made them. Rug weaving is passed down within families from father to son, so floor coverings that Afghans make today are made similarly to the way Afghans made them centuries ago.

One of the most distinctive Afghan floor covering patterns is the Afghan war rug. Afghanistan has been embroiled in wars with the Soviet Union and the United States for decades. These wars resulted in many Afghans fleeing to neighboring countries as refugees. During their time in exile, these talented craftsmen weave carpets that show raw elements of war such as helicopters, tanks, and grenades. The long-lasting carpets tell the world of the carpet makers’ struggles during this part of the nation’s history.

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  • We are full service cleaners. Here is what you can expect, when you choose Aegis Fine Rug Cleaning;

    1. Pickup and delivery is always included, as are all the treatments your rug needs (pet decontamination, deodorization, anti-allergen, moth repellent, protectant, etc.)!
    2. Everything will be washed by hand, not quickly run through a machine and nothing will be hung to dry.
    3. All rugs are dried horizontally on a cushion of air so as not to distort the shape or promote color bleeding.
    4. Furthermore, each rug is handled individually, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.
  • We're happy to provide you with a quote on your rug cleaning needs. Please be advised, at this time we do not service apartments, condos, or office buildings, and we do not have a drop off location.

  • Call us at 512-327-1900 for more information, or fill out the short form below and we'll respond to your request during regular business hours.

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